3.5" PC drives
The floppy drive came from a trusted location, but I cannot be 100% sure it works. I have already ordered a Samsung SFD-321J drive from eBay that is tested by the seller, so I can compare when it arrives. I will probably stop working on the project until then, probably in a week or so.

Sorry for all my questions, but I have two remaining:
- I noticed in the photos in the manual, that there is a micro-SD card in your SuperCard Pro. In mine, there isn't one. I do not assume this is causing the issue, but would like to check just to make sure
- You mentioned that 'You can power the drive from the SuperCard Pro itself if your drive is 5v (only)' - does 'only' mean that there are drives that require additional or different power? Or did you mean to say that all drives accept 5V only?

Thanks again!
All SuperCard Pro boards have a SD card socket. None of them are shipped with a SD card though.

Some 3.5” drives might require 12v to operate. I have never seen one myself but I have seen info for some really old 3.5” drives that show 12v as required. The SuperCard Pro only powers drives that needs only 5v to operate.
OK, the Samsung SFD-321J drive just arrived from the UK. I have connected it to my SuperCard Pro and it immediately worked (powered from the SuperCard Pro). I have already recovered over 20 3M diskettes without a single read error, including a few very important ones! This means that the Mitsumi drive is dead, or imcompatible. And the 3M diskettes rock, 35 years of service!

Thank you very much for your support so far, the SuperCard Pro is indeed Super!
Great to hear. I am going to try to find that Mitsumi drive to see if there is some type of special requirement.
Another confirmed working 3.5" disk drive: Panasonic JU-257A606P

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