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WiModem232 Downloads Fail - shan2752 - 02-04-2023


I am using the WiModem232 with an Amiga 500 w/ ACA500Plus.  I am using the 8n1.device with NComm 3.06.  Connecting to BBS’s at 19200 baud works great and the old 8n1.device was a huge improvement in speed versus the regular serial.device.  However, I continually have errors when downloading with Zmodem protocol.  The transfer starts out ok, but then has CRC errors that never recover.  I set the AT*T=1 for telnet translation.  Without the translation, the DL would fail to start without errors.

Any ideas on settings in NComm or the device that would resolve this?  The BBS’s I am on do not offer Ymodem, only Zmodem, Zmodem8k, or Hydra.

I would appreciate any help, thanks!

RE: WiModem232 Downloads Fail - shan2752 - 02-05-2023

I was able to figure out what the problem was. I had to enable hardware handshaking mode, AT&K1, and have RTS on in NComm. Works good. You can’t multitask, I learned however, straight DL and walk away at 57600 baud.

RE: WiModem232 Downloads Fail - admin - 02-05-2023

Yes, hardware hsnd-shaking is needed for anything over 9600 baud.