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CCGMS and number entry - shawn.henson73@gmail.com - 01-14-2023

Is there a trick or format to put the web address in the "number" section?
i can connect fine manually with the ATDT commands.  just when using the address book, doesnt seem to get past "dialing"

OR is there a recommended term program ?

RE: CCGMS and number entry - admin - 01-14-2023

I don't think CCGMS allows you to enter non-number characters in its phone book. Most people store URLs in the WiModem's phone book and then just use that.

RE: CCGMS and number entry - shawn.henson73@gmail.com - 01-14-2023

ok. Thank you

RE: CCGMS and number entry - admin - 01-15-2023

It seems that versions from 2020 and later support the phone book for URLs. The latest version has 40/80 column support on the C64.

RE: CCGMS and number entry - prysm1 - 01-24-2023


I am using the CCGMS 2016a version from Craig's github

i am not clear on what you mean by "Web address". but I can put the telnet address in the phone field. you need to change the modem to 1650/Hayes to make it dial. I have not tried any other modem setting, I just kept the first one that worked.
example in the the phone field for particlesbbs: particlesbbs.dyndns.org:6400

using the wimodem address book is also a good idea. I did not think of that.

I have also tried the CCGMS furture 0.2 from mist64 github. that works also with telnet address
same is true with alwyz 2017 and 2021 version

regards  and see you in one of the bbs