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FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - admin - 03-28-2022

I am interested in knowing what people might want for colors.

The issue with changing colors is there is a $60 setup fee everything a color is run.  So, if there was only 3 people interested in a color, there would have to be a $20 charge (60/3=20) on top of the cost of the keycap set in order to make this possible.  If you have a group of people that might be interested in a custom color (I would need the Pantone color), it is possible that the fee be split between all those that wanted the custom color.

Colors that I am considering:

Silver plated
Gold plated

The plated colors are going to be really expensive, and I will probably only make a few sets.  The plating is over top of either white or black keycaps.

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - kroesi - 03-28-2022

I wouldn't like none of the colors above. I would like to order SX64 style gray caps and the light blue function keys from the campaign, if possible. The original brown keycaps with orange function keys would be good too. Or all gray keys
I know that I will buy minimum one set, independent of what colors will be available.
Thank for all your efforts!


RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - Obiwantje - 03-28-2022

I was sold when I read NEON - Love you Jim !

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - go4retro - 03-28-2022

baby blue
pink (transparent or not)


RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - deneb26 - 03-28-2022

This is awesome!

Are these new colors for a complete Set?
Maybe there's some minor interest in purple....

Purple anyone??

I said 'purple' !!

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - Vesko - 03-29-2022


I missed on the Indiegogo campaign but I am interested in clear and white keycaps. I hope they will be available for sale one day.

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - mikealex - 03-29-2022

Neon Red maybe...maybe...anyone...
It would be great to buy various sets and mix and match!!

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - b33z - 03-29-2022

I would definitely get a set of neon green - very nice!

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - bulli - 03-29-2022

I would prefer classic colors with translucent text.
I know that this would be two-shot moulding and thats probably something for later.

RE: FEEDBACK - New keycap colors - admin - 03-29-2022

(03-28-2022, 01:26 PM)Obiwantje Wrote: I was sold when I read NEON - Love you Jim !

I was told that NEON loosely translates to "Joeri", so apparently that is some type of cosmic requirement for this project.  Smile