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Stall during firmware upgrade? - annarcana - 02-17-2022

Finally got to dust off the WiModem and try hooking it up to my Model 100 and it worked great, until I saw the new firmware notification and went ahead and did an AT*UPDATE.

Now the update has been stalled for over half-an-hour, with the bar stopping at about 3/4 full before spitting out some gibberish to the terminal.

I'm a little concerned I may have bricked it, and I'm not really sure what to do from here. Is it safe to unplug it and force a reboot?

RE: Stall during firmware upgrade? - admin - 02-17-2022

Just restart it. It could be a very old version upgraded hangs for some reason. I have never had a report of this before, but who knows. Smile

RE: Stall during firmware upgrade? - annarcana - 02-17-2022

Yeah, I pulled the plug and replugged, and it's happily running again on v4.20, so looks like all is well and it just failed to restart properly when it was done.

Now to figure out how to get it to talk to my computer. Big Grin