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Missing LF - Gods - 09-13-2021


Missing Line Feed on "NO ANSWER" reponse. It overwrite the ATDT command on screen.
(using latest FW).

RE: Missing LF - admin - 09-13-2021

I will take a look, but some of these texts were changed to be correct per the Hayes standard, so this might be correct now.

RE: Missing LF - admin - 09-14-2021

Yes, this is correct (now). The Hayes protocol (verified by my US Robotics modem) does not output a LF (0x0A) character at all. Only a CR (0x0D) is sent after every command response. Fixing this allowed several of the Amiga BBS programs to work.

RE: Missing LF - Gods - 09-17-2021

I don't think this is correct, all my external USRobotics modems give me LF+CR on every response.
Maybe i got wrong results because i use HyperTerminal on PC? I got this on screen :

NO ANSWERgoogle.fr

I even got nothing ( no CR) when i use the "A/" command.

RE: Missing LF - admin - 09-17-2021

It is correct. Look at the Hayes protocol data. The a/ command does not give a response code, that repeats the last command sent to the modem.

RE: Missing LF - Gods - 09-18-2021

I got this example from a radio modem using the hayes protocol:

- by the user using the terminal (using AT commands), examples:

AT<CR> _________________it is 0x41 54 0D


AT<CR><LF> ____________ it is 0x41 54 0D 0A


<CR><LF>OK<CR><LF> ___it is 0x0D 0A 4F 4B 0D 0A

Another source:

There is a standard set of response strings that the modem sends back to
you to tell you the results of an AT command.
They have the format CRLF, "response code", CRLF.
A few of the more common response codes are listed below:

RE: Missing LF - admin - 09-18-2021

According to the official Hayes protocol specification (and verified by several U.S. Robotic and Supra modems I have here), LF is not to be sent as the terminator of a response code, just CR.  When I corrected this mistake, suddenly ALL of the Amiga BBS  programs that did not work then worked perfectly.  That change was made in the v4.0 firmware.

Are you having a problem with something?  Most terminal programs have the option for adding LF when a CR is received.

RE: Missing LF - Gods - 09-27-2021

Maybe by adding an new AT command with the choice of adding "CR" or "CR + LF" to the response code ?

RE: Missing LF - admin - 09-27-2021

I could look at doing that, but there should be absolutely nothing that requires this because that is not compliant with the standard. What problem are you actually having?

RE: Missing LF - Gods - 09-30-2021

OK, I don't think I'm going to change your mind ...  Smile

With one of my USR external modem  (using "Termite" terminal software):

41 54 5a 0d 0d 0a 4f 4b 0d 0a                    ATZ...OK..     
41 54 44 54 20 31 32 33 0d                      ATDT 123.     
0d 0a 4e 4f 20 44 49 41 4c 20 54 4f 4e 45 0d 0a  ..NO DIAL TONE..
41 54 41 0d                                                        ATA.           
0d 0a 4e 4f 20 43 41 52 52 49 45 52 0d 0a        ..NO CARRIER.. 

With WiModem232 :

41 54 5a 0d 0d 0a 4f 4b 0d 0a                    ATZ...OK..     
41 54 44 54 20 77 77 77 2e 31 32 33 2e 66 72 0d  ATDT www.123.fr.
4e 4f 20 41 4e 53 57 45 52 0d 0a                NO ANSWER..

The OK reponse is correct , but no the "NO ANSWER", missing the CR+LF at the beginning.