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WiModem and blocked IP’s! - Trouble/NWO - 08-05-2021

Let me just say that the WiModem’s feature for blocking certain IP’s is fantastic!  Running a BBS, bot calls were a nightmare. I can say that 2 IP’s (each cycling through variant suffixes) have been blocked by this feature almost 300 times already. It works like a charm. Also, I noticed that the light on the modem goes out when these bots ping the modem. This is a great feature for me also, as I can tell when walking into the room that an attempt was made. I don’t know if it was intentional,  but it works for me!

Cheers and Beers!

RE: WiModem and blocked IP’s! - admin - 08-06-2021

Yes, this was intentional to let you know of the situation! It seems that several of you guys running BBS's are using this feature with a lot of success!