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ALL NEW FIRMWARE! - admin - 05-24-2021

More than 250 hours have gone into the latest firmware update for the WiModem family!

This update fixes all known file transfer issues by replacing the stock TCP/IP stack handler to remove a few bugs having to do with missing data when splitting large packets.

One of the slew of new features includes (finally) making full use of the OLED screen for information like baud rate, typed commands (so you can see what you typed), connection time, and better system status messages.

All new WHD program turns your WiModem into a 3MB hard drive for your C64!  Just load WHD into memory (LOAD"WHD",8,1) and type SYS49152.  You can then view the directory of the hard drive by typing LOAD"$",2.  That will give you a non-destructive directory (like JiffyDOS' @$ command).  If you want to load the directory into memory, type LOAD"$$",2 and then you can LIST the directory like a normal disk.  LOAD"xxxx",2 and SAVE"xxxx",2 can be used to load and save files.  If you want to delete a file, you must use a terminal program currently (that will change in the future) and use the AT!DEL<filename> command.

RE: ALL NEW FIRMWARE! - jdryyz - 05-28-2021


I like all the new features of v4.00.

RE: ALL NEW FIRMWARE! - admin - 05-28-2021

Thanks! Glad to hear it!

RE: ALL NEW FIRMWARE! - Trouble/NWO - 05-31-2021

This is great! Thanks for these updates. Such a great little product. Love it

One thing, though. Accessing the 3 Meg hard drive... not sure if I understand how to access this. How do you LOAD WHD into memory by using ,8,1 if its not on my device 8??

Keep these great updates coming!

Also, the banning of bot calls is the best feature. Running a BBS with the WiModem is very secure now!!! THANK YOU!!!

RE: ALL NEW FIRMWARE! - admin - 05-31-2021

You load the WHD program like any normal program file is loaded, but with the ,1 suffix. You can use any drive device number. Most people have a drive 8, so loading would be LOAD”WHD”,8,1