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DIY 5.25 & 3.5 inch case - visualmess - 05-31-2020

I had several SCSI CDROM External cases only a couple years back and somewhere along the line I got rid of them.  I did not want to put the drives in a full case.  So I started hunting around and found I had a Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphone box that looked promising since they are extremely sturdy.  So with the box, all its internals, a dremel and a box knife I made an external case.  The box had 2 compartments and the drives are only Velcro'd in and the top of the box can be removed just like a shoe box if I need to get to the drive internals.  Right now I have it hooked to an old PC powersupply with an on/off switch for power to both drives.  I tested it with the SuperCard Pro copying several C64 and Amiga disks with no problems.

RE: DIY 5.25 & 3.5 inch case - admin - 05-31-2020

Nice solution!