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RE: My Compaqt solution - Vipersan - 08-08-2019

Indeed Jim ..I too was surprised by the green ..
but I will probably under-run them all a little.
better safe than sorry...and I dont need to read a book by 'em Wink

RE: My Compaqt solution - Vipersan - 08-09-2019

Job done ..though I suspect green is still a little over bright..or is it my camera ? lol
Anyway ..I read a test DOS floppy and wrote it back without issue..
So all looks good to go.
I may just up the green series resistor from 320 ohm to 400 + before I finally get the lid on.
Many thanks for all your help Jim.

RE: My Compaqt solution - admin - 08-09-2019

Neat setup!

RE: My Compaqt solution - Vipersan - 08-10-2019

Final photo ..showing the Compaqt SCP in its new home on top of the flatter kryoflux unit...and my old win7 optiplex Floppy station PC .
Now to tidy up a little as there is much dust n crap ..
not good for floppy disks methinks.

oh and if your wondering about the 1541 ..it too is connected by zoom floppy.

Big Grin 

RE: My Compaqt solution - natevw - 02-05-2020

Thank you Vipersan for sharing this! It looked like such a good match for the SCP and two drives that I decided to re-use your basic plan.

From a kind seller on eBay, I bought a very similar DLT setup for hardly more than it must have cost to ship. Pulled out the monster DLT drive, adjusted the rails a bit, and installed the floppy drives.

I still need to work out my own mount for the SCP. Worst case I'll make a simple (perhaps translucent) panel and run the USB cable through it, but ideally work out something similar as you did so the plug is useable. I don't think I'll bother with all the LED rework since I never came across an explanation of what they mean, and the app does the blinking for me anyway Tongue

RE: My Compaqt solution - Vipersan - 02-26-2020

How is your build going Nate ?
Nice to see another Compaqt solution coming together.