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WHD Program - Zeropage - 03-29-2019

I had no idea this had been realeased... Blush  Tongue

I downloaded and had a play.

After I sys49152 I get the "WHD installed ! " message no problem.
But if I try to "Load "$",7" it says "Loading" and stops .

I suspect this may be because I have a Jiffydos rom installed on My turbo chameleon. I'll disable it at some point today when I get a chance and try again.

RE: WHD Program - admin - 03-30-2019

WHD requires that the baud rate be set to 9600 baud and that hardware handshaking is enabled (AT&K1). Go to a terminal program and type: at!$ to see if the directory shows.

I use JiffyDOS, but I don't use a Turbo Chameleon.

RE: WHD Program - Zeropage - 03-30-2019

Yeah, I can get the directory in CCGMS. First thing I tried.

RE: WHD Program - admin - 03-30-2019

So, the baud rate is set to 9600 baud with hand shaking enabled?

RE: WHD Program - pcollins - 06-19-2019

I have the some problems..
how to fix this?

load "$",7 freeze ....

at ccgms directory works with at!dir

RE: WHD Program - admin - 06-19-2019

I will look into this.

RE: WHD Program - pcollins - 06-20-2019


and by the way: with the enable-speed mode at a scpu the detecting of the wifi modem doesnt work.
i have to switch off speed-mode before i type sys49152.

RE: WHD Program - admin - 06-20-2019

I am sure that is the case.  The code is hard coded (timed) for a stock NTSC (only) C64.  This won't work on PAL machines either.

RE: WHD Program - Zeropage - 06-28-2019

(06-20-2019, 02:55 PM)admin Wrote: I am sure that is the case.  The code is hard coded (timed) for a stock NTSC (only) C64.  This won't work on PAL machines either.

Hi Jim

Just to clarify :

Are you saying the the WHD program wont work with PAL machines ? Or just the SCPU detection ?

For a little more info :

If I install WHD with sys49152 and try to save a program (save"test",7) I get an output of :


RE: WHD Program - admin - 06-29-2019

The WHD program itself will not work on PAL machines. It uses strictly NTSC timing for the serial transfer routines.