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disk port power - desrat - 12-07-2018

Here's an idea..an adapter that gets the wifi232 power thru the disk port...

RE: disk port power - admin - 12-07-2018

Disk port for what computer? Remember that the WiModem232 is being used on dozens of various computer systems.

RE: disk port power - desrat - 12-08-2018

Let me clarify:for the Amiga 1200...details details..Wink

RE: disk port power - admin - 12-08-2018

You could make one easily enough.  Look at the external drive connector.  Pin 12 is +5v and pin 7 is ground.  You could take a generic 24" mini-USB cable and cut off the USB A connector end and then solder the power/ground wires to the drive port connector.  The real problem is that DB23 connectors are becoming very rare.

RE: disk port power - desrat - 12-08-2018

yeah..thats true..I ordered a vga adapter from Poland and the db23 was butchered...but it works..Smile