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Minor bug and some suggestions - Baldrick - 01-24-2018

A minor bug:
When you enter AT*LED# where # is a number between 0 and 9, the brightness of the LED changes from dim to blindingly bright.
This is supposed to be settable.
When this command is used, the LED does respond predictably changing its brightness, but the WiModem always returns the message "ERROR"

Some minor tweaks:
All the settings seem to return to defaults every time you power on the WiModem.  For instance, the above mentioned LED brightness defaults back to its bright state, and the baud rate defaults back to 300 baud.

Suggestion 1:  perhaps a nonvolatile memory setting could be set to hold these (and other) values while the WiModem is unplugged.  There's always the reset pads if you get stuck.
Suggestion 2:  Auto baud rate detection.  Most modern (haw!) modems have this feature and will respond to commands no matter what baud rate the terminal program is set to.  Currently I have to re-set my terminal program to 300 baud, type in AT*B9600 every time I want to use the WiModem232.  This makes running a BBS difficult, because it always defaults to its baud rate setting when it was configured (and it isn't 300 baud).

My two cents.

RE: Minor bug and some suggestions - admin - 01-24-2018

Yes, I have already fixed the AT*LED command returning ERROR on any setting, good or bad.  The next firmware update will have this fix.

The WiModem is designed to load and use the last settings that were stored.  So, if you change the baud rate, LED brightness, etc. you need to store the current settings using the AT&W command.  So, if you want your baud rate set to 9600 baud and have the WiModem boot with that baud rate, do the following:


RE: Minor bug and some suggestions - Baldrick - 01-25-2018

Right - it pays to read the manual more closely.