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ETA on the WiModem-232? - ZippyZapp - 08-26-2017

Has there been any news on the WiModem-232 that plugs into standard serial port for Amiga, DOS, etc?

I have read threads in here that seemed like it was coming soon but that was 5 or 6 months ago. Just curious if there is an update as my Amiga want's some BBS goodness too. Thanks!

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - admin - 08-27-2017

I have a solution in production, but I don't give release dates.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - ZippyZapp - 08-28-2017

That's cool. I wasnt looking for an exact release date just curious if it was still coming out. Thanks for the update.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - admin - 10-12-2017

Pre-production samples will arrive tomorrow.  Case has been designed and submitted for tooling.

The WiModem232 supports all of the RS-232 lines available (Rx/Tx/RTS/CTS/DTR/DSR/DCD/RI), so running a BBS will be possible.   It includes an OLED display and multi-colored LED, just like the WiModem for the C64/128.

No firm release date, but I am hoping for next month.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - ZippyZapp - 10-12-2017

Thanks for the update. I am going to definitely order this. Finally no more NULL modem cable tethering.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - COREi64 - 10-13-2017

That's GREAT news! Can't wait to get my hands on one, my Amiga will thank you!


RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - TheEvener - 10-23-2017

This looks great! I'm in line for one. Smile

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - admin - 11-06-2017

After some failed actual production samples, I *think* I have working boards in production.  The WiModem232 has been tested with a dozen different computers, and works great up to 115200 baud.  I am going to try a PC with dedicated serial card capable of 230400 baud.  The WiModem232 hardware can actually support up to 1Mbaud, so it should work.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - ZippyZapp - 11-07-2017

Really looking forward to this, glad it is getting near.

RE: ETA on the WiModem-232? - admin - 11-07-2017

Me too!  This has taken a lot longer to get resolved due to the various computer systems that I wanted it compatible with.