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Wibridge for android - Zeropage - 07-15-2017

Hi All

I've finally managed to scratch together enough time to prototype a version of wibridge for android. 
I've only implemented XModem so far, but the proof of concept is sound. I can download files from my mobile phone.

The problem is that my c64 has popped. More accurately, I think the power supply has popped as I have 2 c64 c's and neither work, So I cant test on a real machine. I can use a normal windows terminal emulator and that seems to work fine, but its not a true test.

So if anyone is interested in a wibridge for android and wouldn't mind helping me with testing, I'll create a beta project on google play and post a link.

RE: Wibridge for android - admin - 07-15-2017

Wow! That's great news! I am an iOS person myself, but I am sure there are plenty of Android users out there.