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RE: Latest firmware - admin - 01-25-2014

Latest version of the firmware is now v0.6. This version adds support for strongbits protections (no flux areas) and it should be the last firmware update needed for duplicating all types of protections.

RE: Latest firmware - admin - 03-17-2014

Latest version of the firmware is now v0.9. This corrects a problem with writing track lengths too long.

RE: Latest firmware - admin - 08-14-2015

Latest version of the firmware is now v1.2. This corrects the issue with some boards being shipped with pre-release firmware where the bootloader was different and could no longer be flashed.

RE: Latest firmware - admin - 04-27-2022

Latest version of the firmware is now v1.3. This firmware adds streaming capability for supporting Rob Smith's Floppy Bridge.

The updater now has the firmware file no longer embedded. This fixes the problem with the various anti-virus programs thinking that the embedded resource is something nasty!

Unzip both the updater and SCP.fwu to the same location (folder or otherwise) and run it. Make sure you have your SuperCard Pro board in update mode.