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Q-Link - admin - 09-05-2016

As of v1.2 firmware you can now log into Q-Link by "spoofing" a phone number.  Spoofing is where you convert one thing into another.

Since Q-Link only accepts numbers (digits) and not letters, there is no way to directly "dial" to the Q-Link server.  Instead, we use the new spoofing support to allow an automatic connection.

First, you need to enter a spoofing entry.  You can have up to 10 phone numbers spoofed.  For my setup I entered:

AT&SN0=5551212,Q-LINK.NET:5190 <RETURN>

This means that whenever there is a ATDT5551212 encountered, the modem will substitute that number with whatever URL : PORT is after the ',' character.  So, this case, if you just entered ATDT5551212 it would connect using ATDTQ-LINK.NET:5190 instead of the number.

NOTE!  Q-Link *requires* that the DCD be set to 'always on', and the max baud rate is 1200.  So, before you can use your Q-Link disk you need to make sure DCD is set to on (AT&C0), and the baud rate need to be set to either 300 baud (AT*B300) or 1200 baud (AT*B1200), depending on the modem selection.  After you set these, you can permanently store the changes using AT&W if you want.

I selected the Commodore 1670 modem, and 1200 baud.