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Should I buy one? - obaltus - 08-02-2015


I have many APPLE II disks that I would like to copy. I am also very interested in the drive emulation capabilities of the product. But, I have some doubts concerning it, even though this product looks promising on the paper, why should I buy one? No new software releases for months, no Linux support.Last board message is one month old....
Is this card worth investing in it? Please let me know. Thank you

RE: Should I buy one? - admin - 08-03-2015

I really haven't needed to update the software, which is why there have been no updates. SuperCard Pro just works.

I have archived all of the Atarisoft Apple II games, which is what I used to confirm that Apple II disks would be copied successfully. Disks are disks really, the only thing magic is determining where to turn off the writing so the write splice occurs where the original write splice did, and not in the middle of valid data.

I don't use a Mac or Linux, so there is no support from me for these systems. However, there is source code from others that allows you to compile various types of imaging/conversion programs.

RE: Should I buy one? - obaltus - 08-03-2015


You convinced me Smile I will order one.