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RE: DTD evolution - COREi64 - 01-14-2018

If you do end up producing this commercially, count me in for at least a couple of them!


RE: DTD evolution - Victor - 03-18-2018

I too would like to be on the list for 1 or 2 DTD

RE: DTD evolution - Victor - 04-09-2018

Jim, just wandering where you are at with the DTD. Can't wait for it to go up for sale!

RE: DTD evolution - admin - 04-09-2018

Waiting on boards to arrive!

RE: DTD evolution - tazmandevil - 05-18-2018

How is the Super Tracker II coming along.

RE: DTD evolution - admin - 05-18-2018

Done! Everything is built and in stock. I am finishing the installation/usage manual. They will be available in a day or so.

RE: DTD evolution - Wes256 - 05-19-2018

Just logged my email for 'notify me when back in stock' popup for the Tracker2 Jim !!