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floppy reader Choice - giants - 12-15-2014

Blup !

Question : What is better for dumping Atari and Amiga Floppy
DD densité like that use in the 80 year
HD like PC floppy

What is better for have a better flux, no matter ?

RE: floppy reader Choice - admin - 12-15-2014

I like the newer high density capable drives.

RE: floppy reader Choice - giants - 12-17-2014

We actualy see with hxcfe, flux on side influences flux on other side.
Exemple :
- On one dump I have a side that it's don't formated (side 1) and so unused, and other side (side 0) used with a lot of data and protection.

We can see on 'influence', such as 'a data ghost' on side1, (just a bit).

I think it's because the head it's 'a litlle' powerfull on HD floppy Reader Than a Old DD floppy reader
and so read a little the other side.

It's only possible to see that with a graphical representation of flux of course (like aufit or hxcfe).
So, sure, it's not better to use floppy DD reader ?

RE: floppy reader Choice - admin - 12-17-2014

That "ghost" depends on the drive itself. Some drives pick up nothing.