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Bug - giants - 07-05-2014

Bug 1 : Unable to reach the CBMSTUFF.COM server...
#ping CBMSTUFF.COM > work
#browse with firefox, IE, chrome to CBMSTUFF.COM > work
#so, off course the action : 'Check for update' don't work
Bug 2 : Drive speed test don't work when 'index sensor'-'read' is set to 'ignore'

Bug 3 : In Target device, missing target and duplicate target (like g64 for example).
#Hard to find a workflow for this error, is random bug ?


RE: Bug - admin - 07-05-2014

1 - Works fine here. You must run the SCP.exe program in Administrator mode.
2 - There is no drive speed test.
3 - This is deliberate. You can't copy g64 to g64. Other combinations are not allowed too.

RE: Bug - giants - 07-05-2014

1 - Works fine here. You must run the SCP.exe program in Administrator mode.
> not here Smile, windows 8.1
> Always start in Administrator mode, it's not the problem, sorry.

2 - ??? sorry but
Driver/utilities mode, i see 'Drive Speed Test'
when Index sensor is set correctly in 'disk copier/imager'
I can start the 'drive speed test' in the 'drive/utilities mode'
and, i see My 2 floppys turn around 300rpm

3 - It's normal ??? I don't think so
I see in 'target device', G64 image file.... TWICE

Why 2 indentical choises : 'G64 image file' in the SAME menu : target device
It's normal ?

RE: Bug - admin - 07-05-2014

Just checked the auto update again and it works fine. So, you must have an anti-virus or something blocking it.

Ah, I didn't realize that the speed test was enabled. I had that disabled. It is normal that if you turn off the index that the speed test won't work.

If you are using Amiga, C64, or Atari ST format, then there are no repeating entires. I need to fix the repeating entries at some point.

RE: Bug - giants - 07-05-2014

yes, maybe a software, because if I start scp just 1 second after windows start, it's work
but just 30s after...
maybe anti-virus your right

yes, its print 360 rpm always Wink

ok, thks a lot.
now I going to sleep, it's 2h51 here

RE: Bug - giants - 07-06-2014


for point1 : https://www.cbmstuff.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=42
The point is, start in admin mode FOR THE SHORTCUT ONLY
for me, it was on the executable file, I don't already try this but seems to match with my problem.