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Run-time error '6' Overflow - McWulff - 03-29-2014

Hi there,

i brought the SuperCardPro and installed it as discribed in the manual/ at the forums. (I installed the software& drivers as administrator, updated the SuperCardPro, copied the dll file in the SysWoW64 directory and registered it as administrator)

Now i have a problem to run the software properly. Always when i start the software (as administrator) i get athe following error "Run.time error '6': Overflow". Dosent matter if i have the SuperCardPro connected or not.

By the way, the fist time when i started the program, it started correctly, the second time the error occurs...

My operating system is Windows 8.1 with latest upgrades.

Please help!

RE: Run-time error '6' Overflow - admin - 03-29-2014

I have never had this problem reported by anyone before. This occurs when there is a setting beyond the range that is allowed. Try deleting the config file (scp.ini) located in:

Local Settings\Application Data\SCP\


Local Settings\App Data\SCP\

RE: Run-time error '6' Overflow - McWulff - 03-29-2014


thanks for the hint. Now the software starts normally...