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WiModem and the Plus/4 - Glen Rapoza - 10-01-2023

I have been attempting to connect to BBSs using my Plus/4. The OLED shows connected but there is no response on the terminal software (I am using Term-80 and Higgyterm). It just seems to time out. Occasionally, I will receive a busy message. The WiModem as currently configured works fine on my C64 and C128 using CCGMS, Dialogue128 and DesTerm. I know the Plus/4 has a real UART in it- should I be configuring it differently than how it is currently set for my C64? I have attempted toggling settings for DCD, CTS, etc., all to no avail. Any suggestions would be welcome as I originally bought the WiModem to use with my plus/4 after watching RetroCombs connect to a BBS with a Plus/4 on his YouTube channel using a WiFi Modem made by CommodoreForever (So I know it can be done).

Thanks, glen

RE: WiModem and the Plus/4 - admin - 10-02-2023

It sounds like your UART chip is bad. There is nothing else required for the Plus/4 to work. You just load the terminal program, set the baud rate correctly in it, and then you can communicate with the WiModem.

RE: WiModem and the Plus/4 - Glen Rapoza - 10-02-2023

Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try to get ahold of a different unit and test to see if that fixes the issue.

RE: WiModem and the Plus/4 - INSTAGIBBER - 12-31-2023

Hey Glen, it has been a few months since your last post. Has swapping the Plus/4 out fixed the issue for you? Like you, I purchased a WiModem after watching RetroCombs connect his Plus/4 to a BBS. And like you, I am also unable to connect to a BBS using the Plus/4. When I attempt to do so, the WiModem LED turns green and it says that it's connected, however, I do not get any response from the BBS - normally, there should be a message stating to press the 'DEL' key to connect. After a bit, it times out and I get a 'NO CARRIER' message.

I've tried Higgyterm, Term-80, and Work Bench and the same issue occurs with all three programs. I have verified that the baud rate is set correctly and can issue other commands, like ATI, and get a response from the WiModem with the correct output.

If anyone has any other suggestions other than a faulty UART, let me know.

RE: WiModem and the Plus/4 - admin - 01-01-2024

Are you trying to connect to a TELNET based system? You may have to turn on translation if you are. Most TELNET systems will have 23 as the port number. You can either use AT*T1 before "dialing out", or you can use AT*T1,<URL>:<PORT> to automatically turn on translation for that call. Some (many actually) TELNET based BBS's will send a TELNET command asking about the terminal type and won't proceed without the proper response.