Full Version: .SCP files usage in WinUAE
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Well I don't have an SCP which is why I need a couple of known-good images to work with.

Making a library with the CAPS API is an interesting possibility. It doesn't allow for write support though. And crowbarring into the existing CAPS library to make a dual-format library is bound to piss off the SPS guys, and I respect their work too much to do that.
Well, when I asked about making support for WinUAE and a couple of the Atari ST emulators, it was recommended that the CAPS library be modified to support flux level images.
whoever recommended that doesnt know what he is talking about. you cant modify that lib (unless for private use of course).
The library is open source, so anyone could update it. I believe someone named IFW pointed this out in the Atari forum.
SCP read support is now added to my github-based branch of E-UAE: https://github.com/keirf/e-uae

Now I don't know how many people actually use E-UAE these days. If there is a better more current fork of UAE supporting Linux these days I am happy to port across to that too. For WinUAE someone else will have to do the work, but the code is fairly self-contained in file supercard_pro.c, it should be straightforwardly portable (just the system calls to modify in presumably obvious ways), and the license on that file is permissive (www.unlicense.org).
Thanks, Keir. I will ask in the WinUAE forum if they are any more interested in adding this to WinUAE. It seems that most people are using FS-UAE for the cross-plaform version.
Thanks I will investigate FS-UAE, it should be an easy job to do.
Quote:The library is open source, so anyone could update it.
reading license helps sometimes...
FS-UAE support is done and available for download: https://github.com/keirf/fs-uae

This is cleaned up and more portable than the E-UAE version. I would imagine it could drop straight into WinUAE except for fixing up usage of BSD/Linux <endian.h>
Nice! I will get you a few images with variable track density (Copylock) for testing.
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