Full Version: FTDI Transfer Error
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The software updated to version v2.50, then I get a message that I need to update my firmware.
Now I have firmware 1.3 install, but also now my Supercard Pro doesn't work.

I only get a FTDI Tranfer Error when I click START COPY.
I never had this error before the update.

Has anyone else had this?
How to I fix this error, so I can use my Supercard Pro again?
Thank you
Does your SuperCard Pro board boot up nomally? The RED LED will flash briefly and then turn off, leaving just the green LED on? The FTDI transfer error has to do with USB, which is controlled only by the USB driver.

When you launch the SCP software does it show at the top of the title bar the firmware version?
MAKE SURE that you don't have the HxC software open! Also, it has been reported that some anti-virus programs interfere with the USB operation (trying to parse the USB data). So, check that as well.