Full Version: Unable to use terminal software
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Hello, I am using a WiModem232 on an IBM Aptiva running MS-DOS 6.22. I'm trying to set it up for the first time, however whenever I load up a terminal program such as telix, telemate, kermit etc. i find that i can't type anything into the terminal once the program is loaded, unable to type in AT commands or anything. When I try to type nothing comes up. Was wondering if anyone else was having this problem as well.
Are you setting the terminal program to use 300 baud? That is the default baud rate for the WiModem232 when you receive it. How are you connecting it to your PC? Have you confirmed that the serial port and cable are working? Are you selecting the proper address for the COM port?
I am indeed setting it to 300 baud, it is connected via a serial cable to a db9 to db25 adapter to the wimodem232. I'm pretty positive it's working but purchased a serial mouse adapter to further test. my com port is set to port 1, address 3F8, irq 4.
Make sure you are using a MODEM cable and standard adapter and not a NULL MODEM cable or adapter.
i'm fairly certain it's a straight-through cable and not a null modem cable.
Welp I managed to get it working! Turns out the serial cable i was using before was a null modem cable, grabbed a serial cable that was confirmed to be a straight-through and it finally worked. Thanks a bunch for the help!
Yep, that is a pretty common problem actually. Most people are using cables to transfer files to another computer. These are always NULL modem cables, which have the wrong pin-out compared to a standard modem cable.