Full Version: Unable to select No-flip
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I'm having an odd issue using a flippy-modded drive reading C64 disks.  I have one of sncboom2k's Panasonic flippy modded drives, which I have used with a Kryoflux. I'm trying to use this drive with the SCP, but I'm unable to select No-flip (-4 tracks) from the Backside Control menu, which I understand is the setting for the Panasonic drive. When I select the -4 option, the software selects the +4 option. Attempted reads of the disk fail with the red blocks on the grid. If I turn off backside control, it will read the "front" side of the disk just fine.

Although I can choose both -4 tracks or +4 tracks from the menu, the program always selects +4 tracks in either case.

Any idea what could be going on?

Thank you,

The flippy support is not really supported anymore, because it is not needed. I should probably remove this from the menu options. Just flip the disk over and read it. Set INDEX SENSOR->READ->IGNORE from the pull-down menu in order to read the backside of disks that are flipped over.
Ok, will do.

Interestingly, I found that one of the titles that I wanted to image had an index hole in the jacket for the back side of the disk. I was able to read those in index mode just like the front side.

Thanks for the response!
This was actually quite common for tittles that uses both sides.