Full Version: updated Microsoft virus detection
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I know this is an ongoing conversation, I just wanted to say that I went through the Microsoft process of getting SCP.EXE, that was triggering warnings/removal, whitelisted. Not a big deal, filled out a form, which got "approved."

I was surprised but someone at Microsoft got back to me within a day, and indicated that the latest rules update now allows it.

Hopefully this helps trigger less false positives for people in the future.
Thanks!  I did this myself a week ago.  I had to provide only basic company information which surprised me.  I am still trying to get approved for a code signing certificate.  The hold up is my confirmed address, which changed since the pandemic started.  Apparently there are a lot of virus creators that try to get code signing certs with bogus info right now, so they are being extra diligent in their checking of applications.