Full Version: blank terminal
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kinda of a strange situation everything was working fine then with no change made I suddenly found that I was getting nothing on screen. 

ProTerm 3.1 > same thing happens with 300,2400 and 9600 baud drivers > wimodem updated firmware

it will work with no issue when I first go in then if I visit a bbs and log off I wont see the "no carrier" text then nothing else shows up I tried doing ATE1 no luck AT, ATI nothing but if I type in a bbs I see the light on the modem change to green but nothing on screen mind you not even scrolling. then if I log off the unseen bbs the light will change back to yellow so I know that is working. I can do a AT*REBOOT or ATZ ill instantly see "looking for router" or "ok" then it works fine until I log out of a bbs then it just repeats the issue.

I also did a AT&V before going into a bbs then when I log off and cant see anything I tried typing on the settings (one by one ie ATC0 <return> ATD0  etc) below is a list of the ones I set:

B0 C0 E1 L0 M0 N0 Q0 V1 X1 *C0 *D0 *R0 *T0 &C0 &D0 &G0 &K0 &Q0 &S1

nothing worked except *reboot or ATZ and again only till the next log of from bbs. I also tried starting fresh with proterm but had no change and it works if the settings reboot so seems like something is happening on disconnect any ideas?
If the WiModem232 works at all, then it is always working. The problem with seeing what you type is controlled completely by ProTerm itself. Check to see if your modem driver has changed.
is there a way to check what driver when your already loaded into proterm?
You should be able to go to the setup in ProTerm and view/select the modem driver.