Full Version: My SCP case, Work In Progress
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After having bought one of the Compaq external tape drives with the full height 5 1/4" drive bay I had another idea. It all started with a 1541 with the Alps drive that I stole the head from for a friend of a friend. Now that I had this shell what would I do with it?

It occurred to me that with some 3D printed case extensions I might be able to mount a 5.25" and 3.5" drive in the 1541 case. It still uses the metal frame inside which has been modified a bit. The 5.25"-to-3.5" adapter I bought is actually a bit taller than 1-5/8" so I need to mill it down a bit. Ignore the blue painters tape, it is just holding some of the 3D printed parts in place temporarily. I need to adjust the height of the 3D printed parts a bit and print out a new set in something other than black. Or. maybe paint the whole drive black?

Now imagine if the IEC connector on the SCP was working. I could put an IEC DIN socket on the back and use it as a dual 1541/1581 drive possibly? Wouldn't that be fun!
Ha! That's an interesting case! Smile
I got a bit more work done on this last evening. The DB37s will hopefully be here in a week or two so I can get some ribbon cables made up. I settled on the SCP and PS mounting locations, printed a SCP mount and installed those. After looking at the picture from the back I realized how close the PS was to the openings for the original IEC connectors. I can move the PS forward though. I also ordered a B female to mini B male adapter as I could not find a short USB B to mini B panel mount cable. I have several B to B on hand though.

I want to keep the original IEC connector holes accessible just in case the IEC interface for the SCP comes to fruition.  Smile  Then I can pop a couple of DIN sockets there and have fun. One thing I did think of last evening though was how would one tell the SCP what drives were connected and/or which CMB drives to emulate?