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I just want to share my first experience with copying Atari 8bit software with supercard pro. (used software 0.91)

I tried to copy archon I with its track skew and double sectors protection successfully.
Blind Modus must be off.

Then I tried spy vs spy 2 UK version. One of the best protected games by the way.
It uses track skewing and a long track on track 37 with triple sectors.
Unfortunately the copies do not work.

Tomorrow I ll try archon 2 with its long track (32 sector track) on track 2. I guess it will also fail.
My guess is, that the current sc pro software could not identify start position of long tracks because of the write splice.

Currently, only disks that were produced using the index work perfectly. The blind mode turned off is needed for disks that do not use the index as a reference. I have not looked at the Atari 400/800 stuff very much. If you want to send the disk images to data@cbmstuff.com I can look at them and use them to check the new routine I am working on for writing. The problem is never with the reading, just writing.
The problem was the max track range of 20 which is now fixed.

I succesfully copied Archon I, Archon II, MULE and Racing Construction Set.
Thanks for letting me know that these now work!