Full Version: Power connector broke off
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As the topic says, the power connector on my WiModem232 broke off when I was moving things around. D'oh! I was able to resolder the 4 feet that hold it in place, but I'm unsure what to do about the actual traces that carry power. They're very small and hiding under the OLED screen. Any recommendations on how to repair?

Return it and I will repair it. You just pay for the shipping cost from/to you.
Great, I will get it in the mail ASAP. Thanks!
I received your WiModem232 and I have repaired it. Please email me about payment for the return shipping: sales@cbmstuff.com

I’ve got the same problem with my WiModem232 (v2), the USB port is broken. As I’m located in Germany, sending it in isn’t my first option, although it’s a great offer!

Is there any place on the PCB where I could pick up VCC (5V) and GND to solder a small cable on there?
Yes, there are two pads located next to each other that can be used to supply +5v and ground.  You will need to solder these connections from the bottom of the WiModem232.

See attached.
Thanks a lot!