Full Version: WiModem232 Manual / FW
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I am new to the forum and try to download WiModem232 Firmware and Manual. But all download links seems to be dead.

Where i can get manual and firmware?


Sorry, the problem with the server has been fixed!
(01-09-2020, 05:38 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, the problem with the server has been fixed!

Thank you. I could download the manual, but when i
enter AT*UPDATE to update my Firmware i get:

Update failed! - Wrong HTTP code

I'm connected to my home Network, WiModem232 has green LED and OLED shows the name of my SSID and Ready.

Have i forgot something?

Hmm... I will have to look at that. I wonder if the server being SSL now has created a problem. The firmware has not changed in a few months, so if you recently got the WiModem then you don't need to upgrade the firmware.
Server has been fixed!
(01-10-2020, 05:51 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Server has been fixed!

Thanks. Now Update worked like a charm!