Full Version: how to properly write an scp image
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So I have an SCP image, but I don't know what settings to use to write it. Are all the settings needed contained in the image itself, and it's as simple as just opening the SCP and writing to the disk, or do I also need to know what settings were used when reading the image?
Set the disk type to C64. For commercial disks, use INDEX and non-commercial disks use SPLICE. When you open an image for writing it will make the changes to the settings for writing. You can override these settings by clicking on the "override" button, at which point you can adjust anything.
Ok. That's what I tried, but I didn't have any luck. How do i verify if the scp image is any good? Can you load it in vice?
Yes. You can create a .g64 file and test it in VICE. If you are dumping just normal data disks I would recommend converting a disk to a .d64 directly.