Full Version: My Compaqt solution
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Indeed Jim ..I too was surprised by the green ..
but I will probably under-run them all a little.
better safe than sorry...and I dont need to read a book by 'em Wink
Job done ..though I suspect green is still a little over bright..or is it my camera ? lol
Anyway ..I read a test DOS floppy and wrote it back without issue..
So all looks good to go.
I may just up the green series resistor from 320 ohm to 400 + before I finally get the lid on.
Many thanks for all your help Jim.
Neat setup!
Final photo ..showing the Compaqt SCP in its new home on top of the flatter kryoflux unit...and my old win7 optiplex Floppy station PC .
Now to tidy up a little as there is much dust n crap ..
not good for floppy disks methinks.

oh and if your wondering about the 1541 ..it too is connected by zoom floppy.

Big Grin 
Thank you Vipersan for sharing this! It looked like such a good match for the SCP and two drives that I decided to re-use your basic plan.

From a kind seller on eBay, I bought a very similar DLT setup for hardly more than it must have cost to ship. Pulled out the monster DLT drive, adjusted the rails a bit, and installed the floppy drives.

I still need to work out my own mount for the SCP. Worst case I'll make a simple (perhaps translucent) panel and run the USB cable through it, but ideally work out something similar as you did so the plug is useable. I don't think I'll bother with all the LED rework since I never came across an explanation of what they mean, and the app does the blinking for me anyway Tongue
How is your build going Nate ?
Nice to see another Compaqt solution coming together.
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