Full Version: Flux vs ADF image / Splice vs Index
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Ok, I ripped a bunch of my disks and all seem well.

Now I want to go back and make the BEST copy I can so any suggestions or corrections are appreciated.

Any suggestions on the settings to make a 100% pure copy?

I think a Flux is what I use to create a Flux/SCP files at are around 25,000 KB in size.
I'm not sure about the Splice / Index.
In reading I think it sez to use Splice with 2 revolutions for NON-Protected and Index for copy protected disks?

Also, I'm going to leave the preservation checkbox on, any other suggestions?
99%+ of commercially produced disks can be copied/imaged using INDEX mode. Everything else requires SPLICE. If you are just converting data disks, use the .adf converter. If you are using an Amiga emulator, you can load the .scp image directly into the emulator (even if it was a copy protected disk).
Thanks for the notes!

My brand spanking new Amiga 500 does not have a hard drive or reader and won't have one for a bit.

going old school and ripping adv back to floppies.

I was unaware of the unable to write adv and have to convert over to HxCFloppyEmulator_soft but I read a few of your posts and got that going.

I still love the SuperCard Pro!
Yes, you need to currently convert .adf to .scp using the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator software. You can the write the .scp image. I am working on the ability to import .adf and write a disk, as well as .d64 and .g64 for creating Commodore 64 disks.