Full Version: Connection problems
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Hi! Just gotta say I love my WiModem 232 and the life it gives old computers,
But I've noticed that regardless of the terminal program I use, I get "NO CARRIER" errors interrupting my use.

Sometimes I can be connected issue free for a long time, and other times this happens every few minutes.
I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong settings-wise, or if it could be something else.

Any help is appreciated
The only possible reason for disconnections is an actual loss of the connection. Do you have a timeout in your router? Once connected, it should stay connected until one side "hangs up". You could try a test and connect to: commodoreserver.com:1541 That will never hang up on it's own. So, if it does then there is a disconnection in your router. Another possibility is the WiModem232 is defective. I have not had a defective one yet, but anything is possible. I have had a few people report this type of problem and it was a lease re-new time set in the router. When that is disabled the router doesn't disconnect and reconnect on it's own.
After trying what you mentioned and still getting a disconnection, I immediately typed ATI and saw "No Router" in the output.
I changed my router from auto channel to a fixed channel, and from Mixed to N-Only.
This seems to have alleviated all of my problems, insofar as testing has gone. My router doesn't have any sort of lease timeouts so I'm guessing it would randomly switch its channel and kick the WiModem232 offline.
I'll post back if it isn't a full fix.
Ah... yeah, that is definitely a problem if your router is switching channels! It should never switch channels while one is in use! That would be a bug in the router.
Yep, it definitely fixed the problem. Wonder why a router would even have automatic channel switching. Seems a bit counterproductive.
Well, it's pretty common really - however, the router is never suppose to switch channels if it is currently in use.  The switch should only come during a renew/release or non-use.  It's there to help prevent heavy traffic issues.