Full Version: Any info on when going to have this?
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I know you said very busy I guess still have not had time to make this µDrive (micro-Drive)?

It sounds like it will be super and that you know how to just need time to do it.

-Raymond Day
I am still working on it, daily right now in fact. The hardware now can do everything from simple disk drive emulation to composite video generation. I am still making sure that the hardware will be future proof for other planned uses (like emulation of full computer systems, besides the disk drive).
Was this product ever released for purchase, or emulation ported to the SCP or even possible now with current supply issues? I would love an emulated drive with an emulated SC+ to pair with my real 1571 SC+
All of my projects are in various stages. You can look at the CBMSTUFF Discord for detailed information on where everything stands right now for release.
Oh I totally forgot about discord.  That is where I remember seeing the status of your projects.  Thanks for that reminder.