Full Version: New User: Some Questions on SCP & C64 Disks
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Hi everyone!

I just got my SCP hardware and software setup and running recently. While I was looking through the software I came up with the following questions. I'm hoping some of you might be able to give me some answers. 

My goal is to backup my original disks to .scp files and then convert them to .g64 for use with my Ultimate 64 / 1541 Ultimate II+. I'm guessing that is the best process to backup/archive my originals, and then make disk images for use with the Ultimate II+.

1. I know the 1541 only goes up to 35 tracks, but I read some protections can use up to track 40 or higher. Does it hurt if I set the max tracks to 42.5 (I think that’s the highest the SCP software goes), or should I simply make it max 35? If I set it for 35, but the disk uses let's say 36 or more tracks (copy protection) would that create a bad image or image with missing track data?

2. About half-tracks. Is there any down side to just leaving half-tracks on, even if the disk doesn't use half-tracks?

3. Index Mode vs. Splice Mode, which is actually better for archiving and then converting to g64 for use on the 1541 Ultimate II? From what I read all or most commerical products use indexing, but splicing at 5 revs gets the best flux data, so should I be using splice instead of index?

4. Is splicing at 5 revs really overkill and should I only use 2 revs?

5. While testing the software and hardware I attempted to flux archive my Accolades Comics originals. The front side of the disks backup fine with the index method, but the back side of the disks won't work with the index method. Am I missing something or is this normal and I'll have to use splice mode on the back sides of the original disks for this game and any others with similar issues?

Well, thats all for now. Thanks in advance for any info or advice.

1. Every drive has a maximum number of tracks that it can reach. You can use the Maximum Track Test in the Disk/Drive Utilities (selected from the pull-down menu). I have never seen any copy protection use past track 40.

2. The only downside is the size of the image file.

3. INDEX can be used for 99.9999% of commercially produced disks. It's actually difficult to copy regular data disks that you created yourself. For those you need to use SPLICE. I need to finish the .d64 support, which would let you make error-free disk images of non copy-protected disks. You only need 5 revolutions if you are planning to be a preservation person. Otherwise, you need only 2 revs to convert from .scp to .g64.

4. That depends on your purpose.

5. For disks with data on the back side, you will need to use SPLICE and you will also need to use the INDEX SENSOR-->READS-->IGNORE (found in the pull-down menu). This lets you read the back side of a disk by just flipping it over.
I have another question.

When attempting to archive the back of a commercial disk, let's say Bard's Tale III, I have to use splice mode set to 2 revs. When SCP is finished copying the image, the image is only 35k. When converted from .scp to .g64 it seems like the image is blank/empty. Am I doing something wrong when attempting to archive the back side of commercial disks?

Oh, and yea I'm flipping the disk over in the drive.

Any info is appreciated.
Hmmm.. what brand/model disk drive are you using? Maybe you have a disk drive where the back side can not be read even though the index is ignored?
Panasonic JU-475-4AEG is the drive I have.

There was a disk that I archived earlier that had two index holes on each side of the hub ring and I was able to use regular indexing on the front and back side of the disk. Not sure if that info is of any value. The disks with the issue are single index hole diskettes.

Check to make sure that the EX jumper is closed on that drive.

I tried closing it, but unless there is something else to do, I'm getting the same result.

I'll try finding another jumper, just in case, but I doubt that is the issue.
Move the DX jumper to the EX position (if the DX is closed).
Thank you very much! The issue is resolved. I was able to make the back side image. Smile