Full Version: Unable to enter AT commands in CCGMS
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I was able to successfully connect my Wimodem to my wifi (Status: Ready). Afterwards I wanted to test the modem with CCGMS V6 incl. ZTERM but the problem is after starting the SW I am not able to enter any AT Commands --> Cursor is fixed, doesn´t move.
I tried to change from Graphics mode to ASCII no change - Also when I try to call a BBS with the F-Keys, nothing happens.

Somehow it looks to me that CCGMS/ZTERM does not recognize my modem.

Then I checked with Novaterm - with this SW I was able to send AT-Command - but I would really like to use CCGMS

Has anybody an idea what is wrong or what needs to be changed in CCGMS to make it work with Wimodem?

Set your baud rate to whatever you are using in Novaterm. Smile

Unbelievable....that fixed it Smile
Thank you so much for this suggestion