Full Version: Converting : Kryoflux Stream Image --> SCP Image
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How to convert Kryoflux Stream Image to SCP Image?

First : Download latest version of pfi.exe from PCE (IBM PC) emulator binary file.


Then run pfi.exe as follows on command prompt.

pfi track00.0.raw filename.scp

Kryoflux Stream image is now converted to filename.scp.

But you can see a few of Kryoflux Steams files are Not track00.0.raw ~ track 83.1.raw.

(Example : filename00.0.raw ~ filename83.1.raw)

In this case, you can download KFR.BAT (attached file) and run KFR.BAT to rename all files as track*.raw.
You can also use the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator software to convert various disk formats to/from .scp format.