Full Version: WiModem on CBM Machines
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Hi all,

i wonder whether WiModem will work on older CBM machines such as my PET2001 (with newer Roms).
Is there any suitable terminal prg?

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards
Yes!  You have to cut pin 2 between the WiModem and the connector, and add +5 volts to the WiModem side (where it was connected to pin 2).  You can get +5 volts from the cassette port.  You then need a terminal program.  There is someone on Facebook using an 8032/WiModem right now with PETTERM.

Thanks, this is great info!

Best Regards 

the modified Wimodem works on my Pet2001, Chicklet Keyboard, 1978 (Petterm 0.22)
But unfortunately limited to 300baud  Sad
Any other baudrate fails (checked with ati command), character garbage...
Tried with Basic 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0
Of course the Wimodem works with higher baudrates on my SX64 without problem.

Are there limitations on the old cbm hardware?

Any hints?

Best regards
You might want to contact the author about this.  There was a bug apparently in the code that prevented higher baud rates from working.

By the way, I am working on a 1/4 scale PET 2001 replica that will be fully functional (except the cassette tape, and maybe the keyboard).  It will be able to run PET programs and such loaded into it and will act as a webserver to get the programs.
Got an answer from the developer concerning this issue

The program in its current form can only go up to 300 baud, and has really only been tested at that, none of the higher baud rates will work. It'll let you pick other baud rates and will attempt to do them, but the CPU isn't capable of keeping up with the code. 110 baud should also work just fine. The higher baud rates were left in the code but not disabled.

Best regards
Thanks for the update.
Hello, I would like to work with WiModem also on a Commodore CBM8032 (4032)
Is there really only the 5V from Datasettenport?
or does the display need extra ground again?
I did it that way (5V from Datasette, Pin2) ..
it still works on a C64, but not on the CBM8032. funny

The 8032 and 4032 have the same pinout as the PET2001.  You should only need 5v from the cassette port.  Are you sure you are using the right pad on the cassette port?
Hello, yes, I have used the right pin (pin2 from the cassette port) and I have also measured the voltage .. (to ground Pin1)
5V arrive on the Wifi modem. (and Cassette Port and Userport have ground at pin 1)
On a C64 it works too, also with this additional cassette adapter.
The display simply stays dark on the PET and the LED does not light up.
funny ?, I can not promise that the user port on the PET is not broken,
but actually should the WifiModem alone with connected 5V light up or not?
or can a broken I/O-Output-IC in the computer "pull down" the modem?
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