Full Version: Problems backing up homemade disks
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Hardware ver. 1.1
Software ver. 1.94
Firmware ver. 1.2

I am using a Tandon TM50-1 (180K, single sided double density) 5.25" disk drive trying to archive a bunch of Atari "flippy" disks that I believe were written in a 1050 disk drive. I have covered the write protect notches on the disks I am testing.

I have had quite a bit of trouble trying to get the disks to properly read. I am using side A for all tests, by the way.

If I set it to Atari 400/800, double density (48tpi) in settings, the drive will start doublestepping and by the time it reaches track 20, will start ramming into the stop. Setting the drive to 96tpi yields the same result.

Reading a person with the same problem's thread here, I set it to C64 mode. This actually worked, and I was able to read all 40 tracks. However, when I attempted to write the image to another blank (erased using built in program) disk and trying it in my Atari with a 1050 drive, it loads for a split second, then brings up a black screen. I can hear the head in the 1050 going back and forth, and it seems to be attempting to load a bit of data (evidenced by the "beep" made by the system when it is loading data) about every second or so. Said 1050 drive works fine with the original non-duplicated disk.

I am sort of a beginner in floppy disk archival, so I hope I am not doing something incorrectly.

Thank you for your assistance.
Get a8rawconv from here:


This will let you copy and image disks, as well as convert disks to emulator formats like ATX using the SuperCard Pro hardware.

I have never seen a single sided drive with a 34 pin interface in real life, but I believe it should work just fine with the SuperCard Pro hardware. I will look into the double-step issue with the SuperCard Pro software, but a8rawconv will be what you will want to use since it was designed by a guy who knows Atari 8 bit machines.