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On the backside of disk 1 is the "adjustment sheet".  This has information on how to duplicate the more popular (or difficult) to copy programs.

See attached.
Here is a correction to the adjustment sheet found on side 2 of disk 1.

Tested all of the Epyx titles I had, which were listed in the section advising to use the Fast Nibbler.
Final Assault - worked

These below should be copied with the GCR Nibbler using default settings (and did not work with the Fast Nibbler) (Did work with the GCR Nibbler on default settings.)

The Sporting News Baseball
4x4 Off-Road Racing
Street Sports Baseball
Summer Games I
Summer Games II
Winter Games
World Games

Test Machine:
1571 with SC+ & Speed Controller (297.9rpm)
1541U2 - REU Mem Expansion
The following Epyx Titles copy great using the GCR Nibbler at default settings. (I will edit this list as I test more)

Impossible Mission I
Impossible Mission II
Axe of Rage
Super Cycle
The World's Greatest Football Game
The World's Greatest Baseball Game
The World's Greatest Baseball Game (Enhanced Version)

The following Epyx titles copy great with the GCR Nibbler using the following settings:

Starting Track: 01
Ending Track: 35
Format Mode: 02
Track Gap Length: 12
Recopy Track 18 with defaults

California Games
Championship Wrestling
The Games Winter Edition
The Games Summer Edition
Street Sports Basketball
The Legend of Blacksilver

Test System:
1571 with SC+ and Speed Control (297.9 rpm)
1541U2 (REU Ram Expansion)
You probably meant 297.9 RPMs. 279.9 RPMs would be WAY too slow! Smile
(01-03-2014, 05:56 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]You probably meant 297.9 RPMs. 279.9 RPMs would be WAY too slow! Smile

I seem to have a habit of doing that - yes lysdexia errr dyslexia strikes again.