Full Version: Boulder Dash II
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I'm trying to image the PC DOS version of Boulder Dash II, which is 360K disk that is reported to use weak bits protection.

I'm using a Panasonic JU-475-4 1.2M drive, with IBM 360k disk type, 96 TPI drive type, Raw weak bits, Low density settings under SCP.

The SCP image shows a large orange section under HxC, and I'm unable to get the files working under DOSBox, after converting to IMG disk type.

I uploaded the SCP image at http://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B...sp=sharing

Has this disk gone bad, or any I doing something wrong? as this is first time I have dealt with weak bits protection.
Welcome to the wonderful world of copy protection.

Your disk is copy protected.

An "IMG" file is a simple sector image. The SuperCard Pro can fully archive and duplicate copy protected disks, however converting an SCP file to an IMG strips out anything that a vendor may have used for copy protection.

To run this software "as is", you will need an emulator that supports directly reading SCP (or similar) images. As far as I know, DOSBox does not support that, therefor it can not run this software.
Disk Copy Protected emulation (FDC via INT-13) supports on PCE (IBM PC 5150 emulator only, Not PC-Engine related).
No other emulator doesn't support.

I recommend to dump Boulder Dash II as twice or three/four times.

Only PCE can run on this game without cracking.