Full Version: Options for Modifying Drives for C64 / Apple Disks
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So, from what I've read, there are a couple workable options for modifying drives to dump both sides of C64 / Apple II disks.

First, you can modify drives to read both sides of disks without flipping.

Second, you can modify drives so that they have an index sensor on both sides of the disk, so the index hole is visible even when the disk is flipped.

I'm more interested in the second option, as it seems both less destructive for the drive and less likely to result in alignment issues. What drive models are commonly modified for this? I've noticed it seems like my old Fujitsu drive would likely be an easy target, as it already has a hole through the casing which lines up with the index hole when the disk is flipped.

Also, the top side of a C64 disk is readable even with an unmodified drive, right?
As I understand it, the SCP doesn't need the index sensor in order to copy a disk, as long as you check the option in the menu. The only obstacle is with the drive itself, as many 1.2mb drives check for the presence of an index before switching to a "ready" state. Most 360K drives don't care and will happily read disks without an index pulse.

However, I only have one "flippy" that does not have an index on its back side, so I have not tested that much.
The SCP software disables the drive's index sensor requirement, so you can flip the disk over and copy it without needing a hole in the disk. You just need to disable the sensor requirement in the pull-down menu.