Full Version: Old firmware detected?
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I finally got my SCP working on my Windows 10 machine, the drivers installed and all that. I am running SCP in administrator mode, and I changed the shortcut to always run it in administrator mode. But before opening SCP it gives a message that it detects an old firmware and that I need at least version 0.9 later. The program still opens after scanning the BUS for floppy drives.

Then the title bar says: SuperCard Pro Disk Archiver v1.80 Hardware v0.0 - Firmware v0.0

So that looks like it has not detected my SCP very well. I have conncted a 3,5" PC drive to it, but it has no light on it. Might be the drive since its very old and have not been tested. I will test with another drive. I also have two Amiga drives, but I do not remember if they ought to work with the SCP, but I know they work at least with my Amiga 1200.

Of course I also ran the updater. It was updater 1.2, I followed all the flashing steps in the manual, got the blue light, ran the updater as administrator. Not sure I had to do that, but it said the flash when well or firmware updated or something. Pretty sure it already was the newest version since I got it today, but well, at least now I should be sure.

But the SCP software still says v0.0 with hardware and software. Under Drive Settings - Drive type I can only chose between two 5,25" drives for some reason. Might just be because I have not connected a working 3,25" drive though.

Any suggestions?
Ohh... might have found a solution. When I connected the other drive, and well it seems I might have connected the big cable the other way around, but then a green light extra switched on on the board, and after restarting SCP it had no problem. It now shows hardware: v1.1 and software: v1.2.

Time to make my disks digital Big Grin