Full Version: Who restores 5.25 floppy drives?
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Last year at CommVEx, Jim Drew once spoke of a John who restores 5.25" floppy drives.


"John buys drives off the internet, cleans them, aligns them on an oscilloscope, test them, etc"

I restore vintage AT&T UNIX PCs, and other equipment manufactured by Convergent Technologies.

These machines take the older 360k disks (only), and support 8 or 10 sectors per track formatting only on double-density disks.  (High-Density disks will not work).

The UNIX PC uses these models:

TEAC FD-55B-01-U

or the


I could not get the FD-55GFR model to work, so I am guessing that only the older versions of this drive, as I list above, will work with the UNIX PC.

Does John have any restored versions of this, or can he do a restoration on one of these that I could ship to him?

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!


[Image: TEAC_FD-55B.jpg]
I might have answered my own question about who Jim Drew was referring to in the above linked video.

John Ferrell?


John, if this is you, do you restore drives like I reference above?