475-4 Not reading Side B
Hi Jim,

  I am test a Panasonic JU-475-4 and can not read Side - B (see attached)
Side A flux image is OK.

I need some guidance please.

I have tried index and Splice,
Index Sensor - Not required.

Max Track 86
End Track: 79 Head 1
Drive speed 360.2 RPM

Jumpers are:
EX - On (Active index)
GX - ON (Read data is enabled by Write Gate)

HM - ON (Head loading controlled by motor on signal)
DA - On (Front LED controlled by Drive select signal)
PH - ON (Dual Mode ( Positive high density)
DS2 - ON  (Drive 2)

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To help anyone in the future, I found the problem to be the GX jumper.
Once I removed that, then Side B - reads worked!

So for the Panasonic 475-4 use the above jumps, BUT remove the GX and it should work.
Ah, thanks for sharing that! That is great news!

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