JetFighter (SPA OEM in 1990) coping/dumping problem on SCP
I've dumped JetFighter on SCP with several 5.25" 360KB floppy drives.
(Option is as followis)

1) Weak Bit --> Raw, (Not Fixed)
2) Copy Method --> Splice

I've tried to dump or copied JetFighter disk to SCP image or another disk.
But dump and copy are failed.

JetFigher has Everlock with EV21.SYS and EV22.SYS
Here is dumped image from SCP and TC.!79dCSK4D!HpuMvYgtAu3vj...dM2kL6ErZQ

Also I dumped it by TC (Transcopy)
It dumped well correctly.

I don't know why SCP doesn't copy or dump disk of Everlock (EV21.SYS EV22.SYS)
You should be using INDEX mode for PC disks.   You should be able to make a copy from your SPLICE capture by setting the OVERRIDE to on (checked) and set the mode to INDEX, and then write the disk.   The weakbits setting is only for Commodore C64 disks.

Are you trying to make an actual working disk, or an image file for an emulator?

Track 17, head 0 is where the issue is (according to HxC).  I am not sure if the disk dump was bad or that is a protection scheme.  That particular track might have to be copied with SPLICE mode for making a real disk.

Here is dumped image of it with Index mode.!6lF2QQ6A!1w5lwndLJBJnS...lWJReMP6TA

This is dumped image by TransCopy.

I think TransCopy has no problem to dump and write.

The problem is that SCP can't write it by Index or Splice mode correctly.

I tested it on real PC with 80286 CPU.
What problem are you having? The disk converts correctly with HxC to a PC image file.

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